Smart Bullion Cards

Features Include:
  • 99.99% pure gold bars independently certified by the Sheffield Assay Office UK.
  • All bars are uniquely laser engraved by the Sheffield Assay Office with a reference number.
  • All cards are fitted with an embedded RFID chip detailing information about the bar.
  • Bars are sealed onto the card with a tamper resistant medium density resin.
  • Use the QR code on the card to instantly identify and value the bar.

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What makes our bars unique?

All our bars are certified and laser engraved by the Sheffield Assay Office. No other producer of fine bars comes with a third party certification. This gives buyers 100% confidence in the provenance of the bar.

Click here to view the Sheffield Assay Office website.

Once bars are marked they are sealed on to a plastic card which is also the certificate of authenticity. The card carries information on the purity, weight and unique bar i.d. No other producer offers this level of security.

Embedded on all plastic cards is an RFID chip. This chip stores the unique bar i.d. This can be scanned using a simple piece of hardware to verify that the i.d on the bar matches the i.d on the card.

In addition other information, such as date, buyer or seller data can be simply encoded on to the card. No one is currently employing this type of technology.

Click here to learn more about RFID technology.

In addition the next generation of mobile phones will have the ability to scan RFID information so customers will be able to scan their own bars and verify their bars provenance using the smart bullion cards website.

Click here to view the smart bullion cards website.

Advantages to the reseller.

Our bars do not carry a manufacturer’s name. This means that you are not selling or marketing someone else’s product. In addition with the bespoke options we have available you can market the bar as your own, as all the bars are certified by a third party Assay Office.

The general public are now very well aware of the increasing value of gold and Smart Bullion Cards give everyone the chance to own and gift gold safely and securely, whist allowing resellers to brand and target their marketing to what their customers want.

Smart Bullion cards are the perfect gift.

What better way to say ‘I love you’, ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Birthday’ than with the gift of gold? A wonderful present for the person who has everything, for a grandchild or just for that unique gift. What’s more unlike most presents Smart Bullion cards have an intrinsic value and because they are fine gold investment bars are not subject to VAT.

In addition The Gold Bug is happy to buy any bars back from its customers at 98% of the gold price

Customers also gain access to the Smart Bullion Cards website with a QR code link on the back of all the cards. Once at the site they can verify the card information and check the live prices of gold.

Click here to view the smart bullion cards website.


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